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Terrarian Dreamkeepers Bloopers by solo-ion
Terrarian Dreamkeepers Bloopers
Here's a bunch of screenshots that I took while working on my Terrarian Dreamkeeper mod. I think of them as sort of a blooper reel.

1, 2, 3, 4) When I first loaded my sprites into the game, I found that they were smaller than the skin layer that's usually hidden behind whatever clothing the player is usually wearing. Yoraiz0r, one of the developers behind tAPI, showed me how to hide the Player Layer and insert my own. Without his help, this mod would have ground to a halt right there.

5) But when I tried swapping the pants of one character for another, both would disappear. I eventually realised that the script that was hiding the unwanted skin layer would also hide the layers that I was trying to draw. I eventually solved this simply by adding some lines of code that revealed my layers again every frame.

6) Another issue was that I'd been given code for the pants layer. When I copied the code for the body and head layer, I forgot to replace 'Legs' with 'Body' and 'Head'. He didn't animate properly because it was using the wrong frame. Now, get this. When I replaced 'Legs' with 'Body', that fixed his body frame. But when I tried the same with the head frame, it vanished altogether! And When I tried using the body frame on the head layer, this happened! I solved this by adjusting the position of the head layer until it lined up properly again.

7) In an earlier version of the mod, the head, body and plants were three separate objects that could be equipped separately. Not only was it slow to change from one character to another, it also looked silly half way through. I changed it so that you only equipped a single accessory for each character.

8) When I first dropped whip into the game, i got the number of frames wrong and this happened. I also got the settings wrong for NPC AI and he began attacking me.

9) Back when I was getting the code to rotate whip properly while in the air, I didn't have anything that limited the number of whips that could exist at once... and I just couldn't stop clicking.

10) NPCs normally can't attack other NPCs. I worked around this by causing Whip to emit invisible projectiles at enemies. However, while working on this I needed projectiles that I could see, and chose the star projectile for reasons that seemed good at the time. After a little messing around with code, this was happening.

11) :)

12) Sort of a revenge for this: Link
Terrarian Dreamkeepers - Quick Preview by solo-ion
Terrarian Dreamkeepers - Quick Preview
How long has it been since I first uploaded that preview of this little mod that I've been working on?
Too long. That's how long.

Back when I began painting the first few pixels of Mace's sprite sheet, I had no idea that it would take this much effort to get to my first 'complete' version. I won't go into great detail, but working with the programming language C# for the first time was a large learning curve for me. And it's mostly Whip's fault!

See, he's not simply a player outfit like the other characters but an independent NPC that can think for himself. And do you know what thinking means? Artificial Intelligence. This was my first go at programming Artificial Intelligence... and probably my last. Unless I get some formal training perhaps. I was fortunate to find some guides that helped with Whip's movement and targeting. But something as simple as allowing him to fall through wooden platforms when certain conditions where met gave me the biggest headache. It's not a simple bool field that can be switched, but is programmed deep into Terraria's code. I didn't give up. Instead I reverse engineered the tAPI executable to figure it out. I ended up writing my own script that allowed Whip to fall through wooden platforms without falling through walls and floors, using the original code as reference.

Anyway, I'm at a state that this is without any major bugs (though probably quite a few minor ones). I threw this video together the other night. It's not very polished, but it shows an example of how what my mod does. tAPI (the program that I compiled this with) isn't in final version yet, and I probably won't release this properly until it is. I plan work on this more and make a better trailer, but I'll wait until tAPI is finished. I have other things than I want to work on in the meantime.

Edit: I've uploaded a blooper reel, sort of. If you're interested, look here: Terrarian Dreamkeepers Bloopers

The character designs belong to Dreamkeepers.
Terraria belongs to Re-Logic.
The music is by Kevin MacLeood from Incompetech.
A special thanks to Yoraiz0r of Terraria Online for helping me out when I was stuck several times.
Planets3 - Blue Hedgehog Close by solo-ion
Planets3 - Blue Hedgehog Close
A close up of a certain blue hedgehog that shows up sometimes in Planets3
Planets3 - Pyramid Fractal Extended by solo-ion
Planets3 - Pyramid Fractal Extended
After taking those other two screenshots, I decided to extend my fractal slightly. It's quite a nice effect, don't you agree?

You can find out more about Planets³ here

Here's two more screenshots.
Planets3 - Pyramid Fractal Front View
Planets3 - Pyramid Fractal Low Angle
I haven't mentioned this before, but almost all of my deviations to date have been created and submitted from my family's computer. You know, the same one that we've had for the past 10 years (with some upgrades). I've been toying with the idea of getting myself my very own computer for years now. Lately I've been getting less time on it as other family members needed it more than I did. This was enough to push me towards getting one for myself.

I've never felt like I need the latest and greatest, (I've been using the same computer for 10 years, haven't I?) so I chose to get a refurbished second hand computer. After some shopping around, I settled on one from Recompute. I liked the specs, but I opted to upgrade it's video card. This was waaaaay back on the 29th of August, a friday.

I was expecting it to take about a week to get here, but by the following Friday it still hadn't arrived. The next Tuesday I rang Recompute to find out what was going on. They said that my computer was ready go... except that they where waiting for my one upgrade - the video card - to arrive so that they could install it. They rang back the following day to say there was another delay on the card. They gave me the choice to either wait longer for the card to arrive, or they could send it sooner without the card, which would be mailed straight to me, meaning that I would have to install it myself. I've never installed a card before, but I've heard that it's not that hard. So I figured 'Why not? I can learn to install a video card.' I agreed to have the computer sent sooner and the card later. They said it would take about 3 business days to arrive.

That Friday, I got an email telling me that two packages for me were in the post. They'd only just left the store in the outer suburbs of in Sydney and were in transit. The following saturday the delivery status was updated to say that they were now... in Sydney... only this time closer to the CBD. (sigh)

The next Tuesday (almost a week ago now) the delivery status updated again, but only for one of the packages. It said that it was at my Post Office, while the other one was still in transit. Apparently the two boxes were too big to fit in one post van, so they were sent on different days. Good ole' Australia Post!

Anyway, it was the monitor that arrived first. I immediately hooked it up to our older computer to see how good it looked. I was surprised by how ugly a display size of 1024 x 768 looked on a Hi-Def monitor. Everything looked better once I set it to full 1080p. I spent the next little while watching some of my favourite flash animations in full HD.

The rest of the computer arrived the following day. The Video Card was already installed, which I was quietly grateful for. I didn't mind the slight delay after all. And oh, it's so much faster. I benchmarked both the family computer and my new PC. Mine got a score that was over ten times better.

Anyway, I hope that that wasn't too boring. I've taken a brief hiatus from my Teraria mod and other things to get this set up, but I'm almost finished now. I hope to complete the first stage of it soon.
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I've always had an interest in art and animation, but I didn't actually create much of it until fairly recently. The beginning was when an uncle gave me Flash 4 as a gift. It was old, even then, but I didn’t know this at the time. I gradually learnt the ins and outs of it and created some simple animations. Nothing too fancy of course, but enough to get some practice.

After I finished school, I went straight into a Multimedia TAFE course. Amongst other lessons, we learnt about using Flash to make animations and interactive content, as well as 3D modelling and rendering. I greatly enjoyed the course and felt that I got a lot out of it, but I had no luck getting a job in the industry.

After a year of unemployment, I went back and did another TAFE course, this time in surveying, which is hardly a creative line of work. I decided that I didn’t want to lose my artistic edge, so I started drawing again.

I’ve threatened myself that I’ll get a DeviantArt account for years now. Finally, here it is.

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