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Well, I went to the doctor this morning, and had an ECG. Basically my heart is about as normal as it gets. What had me concerned was that most of the symptoms that I had (besides the shivering) were consistent with a heart attack. Now, I'm way too young to be at risk of a heart attack, but I have heard of enough stories of young people, even pre-teens, getting heart attacks that I was more than a bit worried.
The doctor said that the shivering made him think that I might have caught a fever, but he wasn't too certain.

So maybe I caught a virus at work, or maybe the pain was because I strained my shoulder two days earlier at work and the shivering was just nerves.

I'm getting better so I hope this won't slow me down much.
Last night, I had a sort of a health scare. I had sharp pains across my chest, felt dizzy and was shivering even though I wasn't very cold. A family member gave me some reflexology, (foot massage) until I felt better, but I still feel a bit off. I'm going to see a doctor this morning and see what he can do for me.
Webcam Calvin Wink by solo-ion
Webcam Calvin Wink
For my Webcam

Calvin & Hobbes belong to Bill Waterson.
Warm in Winter by solo-ion
Warm in Winter
This is the second piece of two. The first one is here: DK Inspired - Cool in Summer

Drawn by hand, heavily referencing artwork by :dreamkeeprs:. Scanned and vectorised into Flash 8.
Cool in Summer by solo-ion
Cool in Summer
Talarean again. Only this time I've drawn him in a different style. I've tried my hand at the style of :icondreamkeepers: It was a challenge, but it was also fun. I had to put him on a diet to get him to fit the style of Dreamkeepers, and even then, he still looks chubby next to some of the official characters. And, oh, I don't know why I didn't originally draw him with three fingers per hand! So much easier to draw.

Drawn by hand, heavily referencing artwork by Dreamkeepers. Scanned and vectorised into Flash 8.

This has a companion piece that you can see here: DK Inspired - Warm in Winter

Compare this to my first drawing of this feller here: Talarean

And if you were wondering about my Terraria mod, I've released the first version. You can find out more about it here: Terrarian Dreamkeeper Mod
Finally, I bestow unto thy world my long-delayed Terraria mod.

I've uploaded it to my here: Terrarian Dreamkeepers Mod

And you can watch a quick preview video here: Terrarian Dreamkeepers - Quick Preview I was planning to put together a much longer video using a world in Terraria that I've spent ages in, but it turns out that I can't import worlds from Vanilla Terraria into tAPI. So I'll eventually craft a video as I begin a new world in tAPI. By then, I'll have more features to show off.

Currently this does not support multiplayer very well, so please do not use this in multiplayer. There's probably many other bugs still in it, particularly to do with Whip. Feel free to contact me if you have trouble getting this to work, or find a problematic bug.

The rest of this journal is a copy of the README.txt file included with this mod. I'd have done this yesterday, but for the extra time I needed to type this Read Me file.

   /////Terrarian Dreamkeepers\\\\\

A mod for Terraria by Solo Ion


This is a Terrarian mod that adds several outfits based on characters from the Dreamkeepers graphic novel series by Dave and Liz Lillie. This mod is built and compiled with tAPI, a modding tool for Terraria, and you need tAPI to use this mod.

Please note: this mod does not currently support multiplayer. Do not use this mod in multiplayer!

Please be aware that Vanilla Terraria worlds and players are not compatible with tAPI. You will need to start again to play tAPI, sorry. Fortunately, if you return to Vanilla Terraria, your old worlds and players will be there waiting for you.

  1) Install Terraria
This one is kind of important, if you haven't done so already. A legal version of Terraria is required to install tAPI. Terraria is available through both Steam and GOG, and requires an account with either platform. I haven't tested this with the GOG version.

Terraria's Steam website:…

Terraria's GOG website:

If you have already played Terraria before you may want to back up your players and worlds for good measure. The terraria folder is located in your 'My Documents/My Games' folder

  2) Download and Install the latest version of Game Launcher
The latest version of Game launcher is required to launch tAPI. Install this to your Terraria directory. As of writing this, the latest version was

It is avalible here:…

  3) Download and install tAPI
tAPI r13a or later is required to play my mod. Future updates should be supported.

It is availible here:…

  4) Place the Terrarian Dreamkeepers.tapi file into tAPI's 'Local' directory.
To get to your Local folder, first go to your 'My Documents' folder, then \My Games\Terraria\tAPI\Mods\Local. Create it if it does not exist already.

  5) launch Terraria
When opening Terraria with tAPI and Game Launcher installed, you can choose between starting tAPI or Terraria. Choose tAPI and click 'Launch' to Play with mods, or launch Terraria if you decide you'd rather play Vanilla Terraria.

  6) Enable mods
After Terraria begins, click 'Mods', 'Terrarian Dreamkeepers', 'Enable' and finally 'Reload Mods'.

If no mods are in this list, you must have copied the .tapi file to the wrong location.

If there is no 'Mods' button on the main menu, you have launched Vanilla Terraria by mistake.

///Acquiring the outfits\\\
Now that you have my mod enabled, it's time to actually begin playing. Please, click 'Singleplayer', because my mod does not yet support Multiplayer. Create new players and worlds or load existing ones.

'So how do I actually change my appearance?' you ask. Well, I haven't made it too easy... because that's just not Terraria. :)

You need to craft accessories known as charms to change your appearance. To craft the charms, you will need the following ingredients:
- 2 Silver or Tungsten bars
- 3 Gold or Platinum bars
- 1 Precious stone

Take these items to a workbench to craft a charm for yourself. They go into your accessory slots, and also work in your vanity accessory slots.

The bars are smelted from their respective ores, which can only be found by digging underground. They may at first seem rare, but before too long, you will have more gold than you know what to do with.

The precious stone determines which charm (or staff in the case of Whip) you create.
- Sapphire for Mace
- Amethyst for Lilith
- Emerald for Namah
- Topaz for Bast
- Ruby for Whip

Precious stones are also only found deep underground. Keep looking and you will find them.

Mace, Whip, Lilith, Namah and Bast belong to Dave and Liz Lillie.
For more artwork by these two talented artists, go here:
For more info on the dreamworld, go here:…
To read the Prelude Webcomic, go here:…

Terraria belongs to Re-Logic

tAPI belongs to the tAPI Development team.

A big thank you to the members of the tAPI Development team, particularly the Noob-trooper Yoraiz0r for helping me out on many occasions.

///Version History\\\
First public release.

///Short term goals\\\
- Fix multiplayer
- Add mini character heads to the mini-map
- Correct the sounds that a player makes when attacked while wearing a charm
- Increase the overall Awesomeness level of this mod!
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I've always had an interest in art and animation, but I didn't actually create much of it until fairly recently. The beginning was when an uncle gave me Flash 4 as a gift. It was old, even then, but I didn’t know this at the time. I gradually learnt the ins and outs of it and created some simple animations. Nothing too fancy of course, but enough to get some practice.

After I finished school, I went straight into a Multimedia TAFE course. Amongst other lessons, we learnt about using Flash to make animations and interactive content, as well as 3D modelling and rendering. I greatly enjoyed the course and felt that I got a lot out of it, but I had no luck getting a job in the industry.

After a year of unemployment, I went back and did another TAFE course, this time in surveying, which is hardly a creative line of work. I decided that I didn’t want to lose my artistic edge, so I started drawing again.

I’ve threatened myself that I’ll get a DeviantArt account for years now. Finally, here it is.

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